Our Philosophy


Our goal is to master 21st century skills to strengthen physical and mental fitness through our unique football therapy. The 21st century skills include the knowledge and expertise of Learning, Literacy and Life skills every individual must imbibe in order to succeed in work and life.


We have designed a unique curriculum in order to ensure holistic development of children. Our aim is to inspire them to master psycho-social skills and achieve their goals in life. Also, our methodology helps children to strategies to manage anxiety, stress, negative thoughts and emotions. Every child must learn to take responsibility for recognizing and regulating their actions.

7 benefits of team work sport:
1. Fitness.
2. No .
3. Respect
4. Time management.
5. On and Off the field learning
6. Stress relief
7. Winning isnt everything

Using psychological principles helping children to grow more effectively
1. Cognitive functioning and learning.
2. Facilitating new culture, Social context through metaphors and analogies.
3. Providing individual feedbacks through M&E
4. Self regulating skills for self identification.
5. Fostering creativity and happiness
6. Interpersonal relationships for their general well-being
7. Creating safe spaces for physical and mental wellbeing on ground


We plan our sessions based on values, themes and technical skills contextualized and tailored for the specific environment.